Lesson 3 (Part 1)

A few years ago a Swiss artist named Guillaume REYMOND created a number of videos that used real people in place of pixels to create what looked like old 8-bit video games. Employing stop-motion animation, people moved from seat to seat in an auditorium mimicking the movement of early computer graphics. Here is an example of a car racing game called Pole Position. 

When you create your own games, you will be placing and then directing small images on the screen called sprites. The cars in the above video are examples of these. Today you're going to have your own go at directing and filming a scaled-down version of a human video game, based on an old classic computer game called Snake. Have a go at playing it now... (NOTE: Only play for 3 MINUTES!)

To make you're own Human Snake Game Artwork...

 When the game is finished compile the images into an animation using an online program such as Flixier or on PhotoShop.

If your Human Snake Game Artwork is done go either take a look at another introductory exercise (about variables)
or get into today's lesson which contains the preface for TinkerGen Go Game.