Tying up loose ends:
MVP and Twine

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, but what is it?

So... what could an MVP look like for a new game (YOUR game!)? Any ideas???

To start planning you could look at how others use flowcharts, wireframes and storyboards (user flow diagrams)...

We are going to use a program called Twine to construct our User Flow Diagram. 

Twine allows you to create a text version of your game. 

You can zoom in (experiencing each 'page' at a  time),

OR you can zoom out for an overview of your whole project.

Below is an introduction to Twine through the eyes of a gaming company that used it to produce an MVP.  You can find the Twine text version of their game here: https://www.mightycoconut.com/57north/

Double-click on it and try it out and then 'import' it into Twine and have a look at the 'zoomed out' version.

By the way, philosophers call this process of zooming in to get detail and zooming out to get context the hermeneutic circle (although they're generally not applying it to making games).