The Good Life project page

For thousands of years philosophers have argued over what constitutes a good life, but there are two broad elements that most would agree on. The first is safety and comfort (if you feel safe enough you obtain a level of comfort) and the other is an outward (moral) purpose – a reason for being and a sense of place in the world. The Good Life Powerhouse Classroom is a collaborative, problem-based project that encourages you to find sustainable energy solutions that are environmentally sound and socially ethical, but also ones that enrich your life and those of your classmates.

The problem pitched to your groups is simply, what sustainable energy capturing device can you make together that will collectively improve your lives? You are also asked to think about how your creation will integrate and complement other groups’ works, so combined machines result in a symbiotic array forming a coherent powerhouse.

There are a number of suggested ideas that you can base your project on (see pull-down menu on the top right). You are expected to integrate one of these into your classroom, making it fit, and making it your own (i.e. don't just copy it verbatim).

In this project, you should employ design thinking (covered extensively in previous units). As a reminder, this is what design thinking could look like (note this is just one interpretation:

(MrJanzen1984, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)