Imitating Life Designing with biomimicry

Lesson 1

Watch this video on biomimicry and take note of its definitionexamples and any design terminology that you hear (listen out for words that we have discussed in previous lessons). If there are any that you don't understand, make a note of them, or where they occur in the video enter them into this table of UNKNOWN WORDS.

(Tinyverse, 2019)

Biomimicry is amazing, right? 

Think-pair-share with the person next to you about how great biomimicry is. Discuss some of those amazing inventions in this video. Are there any others that you can think of? 

Type your favourite one (from the video or one that you came up with) in Mentimeter word cloud maker (enter code 61152357).

Have you picked your favourite? 

Which invention was most popular? 

Which was the least? Why? 

Discuss as a class.

In biomimicry, nature is said to be a model, a measure and a mentor.  

Using your favourite invention (from the first exercise) and write a Padlet entry about how the inspiration for your invention can be a model, measure OR mentor (your invention may be all three, but just pick one).

When everyone has finished, read three other Padlet entries and do another Padlet entry about one thing that you learned.